First-Year Studies


First-Year Studies faculty serve a critical role at the College, advising new students as they transition to college life.

  • Amy Abe
    Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and Physics

    NMR Consultant

  • Lia Alexopoulos
    Lecturer in Art

    Areas of Study: museum studies

  • Carla Arnell
    Associate Professor and Chair of English

    Areas of Study: ancient and medieval literature, history of the English novel

  • Christopher Todd Beer
    Assistant Professor of Sociology

    Areas of Study:  globalization, social movements, environmental sociology, climate change and climate justice, East Africa, economic and labor sociology, survey methodology

  • Catherine Benton
    Associate Professor and Chair of Religion

    Areas of Study: Asian religious traditions and story literatures (Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism), religious communities in India (Hindu and Muslim), cross-cultural communication, and film and religion

  • Stephanie Caparelli
    Lecturer in Politics

    Areas of Study: criminal law, trial law, politics

  • Shubhik DebBurman
    Professor of Biology, Chair of Neuroscience (fall)

    Areas of Study: cell biology, molecular biology, neurobiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, biology of human disease

  • Les R. Dlabay
    Professor of Economics and Business, Chair of Area Studies

    Areas of Study:  mass media/marketing research, Latin American global business, Asian business culture and trade relations, financial accounting

  • Elizabeth W. Fischer
    Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

    Areas of Study:  natural science, organic chemistry, biochemistry

  • Richard Fisher
    Associate Professor of German, Chair of Classical Studies

    Areas of Study:  Goethezeit, modern German literature, literary genres, epic literature, comparative studies

  • Benjamin Goluboff
    Associate Professor of English

    Areas of Study: American literature, nineteenth-century literature, literature and the environment

  • Brian Healy
    Assistant Professor of Theater and Resident Designer/Technical Director

    Areas of Study: stage design and technical production

  • Anna Trumbore Jones
    Professor and Chair of History

    Areas of Study: ancient and medieval history

  • James Marquardt
    Associate Professor of Politics, Chair of International Relations

    Areas of Study:  American politics, international relations

  • Dustin Mengelkoch
    Associate Professor of English, Chair of Medieval and Renaissance Studies

    Areas of Study: ancient and early modern literature, neo-Latin, history of the book, literary criticism

  • Rachel Ragland
    Professor and Chair of Education

    Areas of Study: secondary education

  • Fatima Z. Rahman
    Assistant Professor of Politics, Chair of Islamic World Studies

    Areas of Study: comparative politics, Islam and politics Middle East politics, Islam and politics

  • Nicholas L. Wallin
    Associate Professor and Chair of Music

    Areas of Study: conducting, music theory

  • Rachel Whidden
    Associate Professor of Communication

    Areas of Study:  argumentation theory, rhetoric of science and religion, visual rhetoric

  • Benjamin Zeller
    Associate Professor of Religion

    Areas of Study: North American religions, Christianity,
    religion & culture

  • Rui Zhu
    Associate Professor of Philosophy

    Areas of Study:  Asian and comparative philosophy, Plato, philosophy of mind