• Benjamin Goluboff
    Associate Professor and Chair of English, Chair of Print and Digital Media

    Areas of Study: American literature, nineteenth-century literature, literature and the environment

  • Glenn Adelson
    Associate Professor and Chair of Environmental Studies

    Areas of Study:  conservation biology and restoration ecology, conceptualizing biodiversity, literature and the environment

  • Jeffrey O. Sundberg
    James S. Kemper Foundation Professor of Liberal Arts and Business

    Areas of study:  environmental and natural resource economics, microeconomic theory, corporate finance ,law and economics, finance

  • Joshua Corey
    Associate Professor of English

    Areas of Study: modern and contemporary poetry, creative writing, critical theory, Anglo-American modernism

  • Lori A. Del Negro
    Associate Professor of Chemistry (on research leave)

    Areas of Study: analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry

  • Kathryn Dohrmann
    Assistant Professor of Psychology 

    Areas of Study: developmental psychology, human sexuality, public health, psychology of gender, environmental psychology

  • William Silliman
    Lecturer in Environmental Studies

    Areas of Study:

  • Eliza Fournier
    Lecturer in Environmental Studies

    Areas of Study: biodiversity, agriculture

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