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Entrepreneurship and Innovation


All Entrepreneurship and Innovation faculty have experience working with early stage nonprofit and for-profit ventures. Our faculty originate from a wide variety of industries and experiences including media, consumer products, food, finance, technology, business, and literature.

  • Trish Thomas
    Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

    Areas of Study:  entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing

  • Davis Schneiderman
    Professor of English, Krebs Provost and Dean of the Faculty

    Areas of Study:  American literature, American studies/Chicago literature and history, Remix/Mash-up culture, William S. Burroughs, innovative and avant literature

  • Amanda J. Felkey
    Associate Professor of Economics and Business, Chair of Economics, Business and Finance, Chair of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

    Areas of Study:  household economics, behavioral economics, development economics, quantitative methods, microeconomic theory

  • Tracy Marie Taylor
    Associate Professor of Art

    Areas of Study: design, computer imaging, digital photography, art

  • Kate Jackson
    Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Special Advisor on the Practice of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Areas of Study: entrepreneurship, design thinking, change management

  • John P. Pappas
    Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

    Areas of Study:  entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and marketing

  • Tony Bynum
    Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

    Areas of Study: innovation, design thinking, consumer experience

  • Gary Johnson
    Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

    Areas of Study: non-profit leadership, international business and law.

  • Hilary Scott
    Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

    Areas of Study: non-profit leadership

  • Wendy Shotts
    Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

    Areas of Study:  entrepreneurship, innovation, and marketing