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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Course Descriptions

  • ENTP 120: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    This course introduces students to the world of entrepreneurship through the development of the entrepreneurial mindset. The focus will be on both starting a new business as well as on the advancement of entrepreneurial thinking within a large corporation. Students will analyze the entrepreneurial process of formulating, planning, and implementing new business ventures and opportunities from domestic and international viewpoints. Building upon these concepts, the financial aspects and issues confronting entrepreneurs will be analyzed in order to foster the development of sound financial plans and controls for the organization.
  • ENTP 225: Principles of Marketing
    Analysis of how marketing concepts impact an organization through the development of the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion). Building upon these concepts, students will develop an understanding of how marketing managers develop specific strategies in order to gain competitive advantage in a global economy (formerly BUSN 345). No prerequisites.
    Cross-listed as: BUSN 225, IREL 213
  • ENTP 285: Creative Arts Entrepreneurship
    Creative Arts Entrepreneurship will offer an overview of the processes, practices, and decision-making activities that lead to the realization of our creative ideas. Students from across the humanities, arts, sciences, and business will learn the unique contexts and challenges of creative careers, with an emphasis on collaborative projects. The course will help students understand the nature and structure of arts enterprise while cultivating their own career vision and creative goals. Creative Arts Entrepreneurship is designed for students interested in developing, launching, or advancing innovative enterprises in arts, culture, and design, and those who love the initiative, ingenuity and excitement of putting creative ideas into action. The course combines readings and in-class discussions with site visits, case studies, guest lectures by working artists and creative professionals, and student-driven projects. No prerequisites.
    Cross-listed as: MUSC 285, ART 285, ENGL 285, THTR 285
  • ENTP 320: Principles of Sales and Negotiation
    The course will present various theories and practices in sales and negotiation techniques, using applications from modern businesses. It will also discuss various management strategies used to develop and motivate a sales force, including departmental structures and retention incentives. Prerequisite: BUSN 225.
    Cross-listed as: BUSN 320
  • ENTP 325: Advertising, Media and Digital Mark
    (Advertising, Media and Digital Marketing). The course will examine different types of marketing, advertising, and communication strategies presented through both traditional methods (such as television and print) and non-traditional methods (such as blogs and social networks). Digital marketing, social media and interactive marketing will be explored in the context of an overall integrated marketing campaign. Prerequisite: BUSN 225.
    Cross-listed as: BUSN 325
  • ENTP 346: Entrepreneurial Marketing
    This project-based course focuses on marketing strategies that are relevant for new businesses or new product launches within a corporate setting. A broad overview of advertising development including account planning/research, the creative process, production, and media planning will be examined. Focus will be on print advertising, electronic media, digital interactive media, direct mail, and specialty advertising. Through the Entrepreneurial Marketing Analysis Project, students will have the opportunity to work with a local small business examining their current marketing and promotional strategies within the environment in which they are operating. Prerequisite: BUSN/ENTP 225 (formerly BUSN/ENTP 345).
    Cross-listed as: BUSN 346
  • ENTP 350: Innovation & Small Bus Development
    (Innovation, Franchising and Small Business Development) This course investigates the introduction of innovative product/service ideas with respect to new business start-ups, buyouts, and franchising. Small business development will be analyzed as competencies needed for initiating, growing, and managing small business ventures in varied for-profit, non-profit, and global settings. Course content explores the creative process as it applies to understanding the role of innovation as an inducement of economic security, compares franchise opportunities and options, and identifies the stages that small businesses move through while developing an understanding of effective entrepreneurial growth. Prerequisite: ENTP 120.
  • ENTP 360: Social Entrepreneurship
    Social entrepreneurship is a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary practice that combines traditional business and finance principles with expertise from fields as diverse as agriculture, medicine, law, engineering, environmental studies and sociology. The efforts of social entrepreneurs attempt to address problems such as poverty, hunger, disease, pollution, illiteracy, and inadequate housing in developing areas of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The result of these efforts is often a new business model for improved economic development and enhanced quality of life in a particular cultural setting. Strategic partnerships contribute to the success of such social enterprises through connections with government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), relief agencies, microfinance institutions, and human rights groups in varied cultural settings. This course prepares students for a changing business environment through cross-cultural and interdisciplinary assignments including field interviews, team projects, and student-created videos. Prerequisite: FIN 210. (Meets GEC Cultural Diversity Requirement.)
    Cross-listed as: BUSN 360, IREL 316
  • ENTP 365: Strategic Small Business Consulting
    This course analyzes the role consultants can play in growing small businesses, with a particular focus on problem solving and developing strategies to achieve overall growth within an organization. Course objectives include: describing the consulting process and the role it serves within companies and society, how to assess the internal strengths and weaknesses as well as the external threats and opportunities of a small business, and how to appraise the organizational problems of a small business. The course provides hands-on, real-world experience of what entrepreneurs do after starting their business. Students will apply these concepts via experiential learning as they assume the role of a consultant with an actual local small business. Prerequisites: ENTP 120, ENTP/BUSN 225
  • ENTP 370: Entrepreneurial Finance
    Entrepreneurialism thrives in the U.S. and is essential to the country's economy with well over half a million new business ventures being launched each year. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, small businesses employ half of all private sector employees and have generated the majority of new jobs in recent years. It is likely that many of today's business college graduates will work at, finance, and possibly start-up new business enterprises. The objectives of the course include: (i) gaining an understanding of the new business venture process, (ii) examining the financial aspects of strategic and business planning, (iii) developing the tools for financial forecasting, and (iv) establishing a framework for business valuation - both from the entrepreneur's and investor's perspective. Prerequisites: FIN 210 or FIN 237, and BUSN 230.
    Cross-listed as: FIN 370
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  • ENTP 380: Entrepreneurial Ventures
    This capstone course reviews how new businesses are started and develops an understanding of how to examine the viability of these new business ideas. Students will have the opportunity to work with a local entrepreneur through the City of Lake Forest incubator. Strategic thinking in an entrepreneurial context will be demonstrated as students put together an original business concept and complete a full business plan. Prerequisites: ENTP/BUSN 225 (formerly ENTP/BUSN 345) and ENTP 350.