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English and Creative Writing


The following projects were created by students of Davis Schneiderman’s Book Production course at Lake Forest College in the fall of 2009.

Each student was to interview one or more of the authors featured in The &NOW Anthology, the results of which are featured here. Additionally, students worked in groups to create viral marketing strategies to promote The &NOW Anthology. Three of these viral projects (the Facebook group, the bookmarks, and the videos) are also included here.

Viral Videos

&NOW Bookmark | Lake Forest College Press Bookmark

The Napkin Fact Project

Two Interviews - conducted with Jessica Savitz and Stacey Levine

Lance Olsen’s Facebook Profile

Internalizing - a photo slideshow featuring Lou Rowan, Keith & Rosemarie Waldrop, Vanessa Place, Jeffrey DeShell, and Stacey Levine

The &NOW Reading Series - featuring Joel Felix and Simone Muench

Mad Libs

Three Fargings

Interview with Christian Bök

Mathematica Project