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English and Creative Writing


  • Davis Schneiderman
    Professor of English, Krebs Provost and Dean of the Faculty

    Areas of Study:  American literature, American studies/Chicago literature and history, Remix/Mash-up culture, William S. Burroughs, innovative and avant literature

  • Carla Arnell
    Professor and Chair of English

    Areas of Study: ancient and medieval literature, history of the English novel

  • Benjamin Goluboff
    Professor of English, Chair of Environmental Studies

    Areas of Study: American literature, nineteenth-century literature, literature and the environment

  • Robert Archambeau
    Professor of English

    Areas of Study: English literature, nineteenth-century literature, writing poetry

  • Joshua Corey
    Associate Professor of English, Chair of Print and Digital Publishing

    Areas of Study: modern and contemporary poetry, creative writing, critical theory, Anglo-American modernism

  • Katy Reedy
    Visiting Assistant Professor of English

    Areas of study: Shakespeare; Renaissance drama and poetry; sixteenth- and seventeenth-century religious history; early modern medical practices and epidemic disease; revenge narratives

  • RL Watson
    Visiting Assistant Professor of English and African American Studies

    Areas of Study: 

  • Zachary Martin
    Visiting Assistant Professor of English

    Areas of Study: Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing, Modern and Contemporary Fiction, Indian Literature

  • Tracy McCabe
    Senior Lecturer in English, Director of Writing Programs

    Areas of Study:  women’s studies, writing

  • Gina Frangello
    Lecturer in English

    Areas of Study: 

  • Henry Carrigan
    Lecturer in English

    Areas of study:

  • Jessica Berger
    Lecturer in English

    Areas of Study: creative writing

Emeriti Faculty

  • Judy Massey Dozier
    Associate Professor of English, Emerita

    Areas of Study: African American literature, gender studies, nineteenth-century American literature.

  • Bernice Gallagher
    Director of Writing Programs, Emerita

    Areas of Study: nineteenth-century American literature, creative writing