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Economics, Business, and Finance


  • Robert A. Baade
    Ernest A Johnson Professor of Economics

    Areas of Study:  international trade, international finance, economics of sports

  • Robert J. Lemke
    Professor of Economics and Business

    Areas of Study: microeconomic theory, industrial organization, econometrics, labor economics, mathematical economics

  • Jeffrey O. Sundberg
    James S. Kemper Foundation Professor of Liberal Arts and Business, Chair of Environmental Studies

    Areas of Study: environmental and natural resource economics, microeconomic theory, corporate finance ,law and economics, finance

  • Carolyn Tuttle
    Betty Jane Schultz Hollender Professor of Economics, Business and Finance and Director of Border Studies

    Areas of Study:  macroeconomic theory, money and banking, border studies, women in the work force, child labor in Latin America

  • Amanda J. Felkey
    Associate Professor of Economics and Business, Chair of Economics, Business and Finance, Chair of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

    Areas of Study:  household economics, behavioral economics, development economics, quantitative methods, microeconomic theory

  • Cassondra L. Batz-Barbarich
    Assistant Professor of Business

    Areas of Study: well-being, meaningful work, gender inequality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace

  • Kent Grote
    Assistant Professor of Economics and Business

    Areas of Study:  finance, investment analysis, industrial organization

  • Muris Hadzic
    Assistant Professor of Finance

    Areas of Study: financial economics, asset pricing, behavioral finance, news analytics, textual analysis in finance, quantitative finance, money and banking, Islamic finance

  • Dimitra Papadovasilaki
    Assistant Professor of Finance

    Areas of Study:  behavioral and experimental finance, financial economics, applied macroeconomics, behavioral economics, decision making, agent based economics

  • Stewart Foley
    Lecturer in Finance and Special Advisor on the Practice of Finance

    Areas of Study: global insurance, insurance asset management, corporate finance, investments

  • George Seyk
    Lecturer in Economics and Business

    Areas of Study:  internships, emerging markets

  • Trish Thomas
    Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

    Areas of Study:  entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing

  • Brian Langenberg
    Lecturer in Economics

    Areas of Study:  banking & financial markets, security analysis, international finance, global manufacturing

  • Beth Clemmensen
    Lecturer in Economics and Business

    Areas of Study:  marketing

  • Ariana Gammel
    Lecturer in Business and Special Advisor on the Practice of Accounting

    Areas of Study: accounting and procurement management

  • Barry Hollingsworth
    Lecturer in Business

    Areas of Study: Business, finance, accounting

  • David Jordan
    Lecturer in Business

    Areas of Study: tax and accounting

  • Marc Lawrence
    Lecturer in Finance 

    Areas of Study: investment management, capital markets, hedge funds, corporate bankruptcy, value investing

  • Edward (Ned) Loughridge
    Lecturer in Business and Finance

    Area of Study:  insurance

  • John P. Pappas
    Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

    Areas of Study:  entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and marketing

  • Jim Young
    Lecturer in Finance

    Areas of Study: financial management, leadership and crisis management, negotiations, process management, economics 

Emeriti Faculty

  • Les R. Dlabay
    Professor of Economics and Business, Emeritus

    Areas of Study:  mass media/marketing research, Latin American global business, Asian business culture and trade relations, financial accounting

  • William Moskoff
    Betty Jane Schultz Hollender Professor of Economics and Business, Emeritus

    Areas of Study:  economies of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

  • Richard Dye
    Ernest Johnson Professor of Economics, Emeritus

    Areas of Study:  urban economics, tax policy