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Classical Studies


PLEASE NOTE: the Greece program is currently under review. In the review interim, students may complete the Classical Studies minor through a combination of credits from a study abroad program in Greece and elective courses on campus. For example, a student might obtain 3-4 credits from a study abroad program in Greece and 2 credits from on-campus electives (for electives, see ‘COURSE DESCRIPTIONS’ and below). Students may also obtain 1 on-campus credit through tutorial work or a research project (these options require approval of program chair).

For study abroad programs in Greece, please see Ashley Sinclair, director, Off Campus Programs (OCP).

  • Minor in Classical Studies

    The Minor in Classical Studies has a six-credit requirement that is fulfilled through an innovative combination of on-site study in Greece and course work on campus. No major exists in this program area.

    The on-site component is provided by the College’s unique Program in Greece, which explores the art and culture of Greek civilizations from the Bronze Age, through the Classical Period, and into the Byzantine Era.  As a traveling program, classes are held at archaeological sites and in museums, which range from Agamemnon’s citadel at Mycenae and the Minoan palace of Cnossos, to the Acropolis of Periclean Athens, the Agora where Socrates engaged in philosophical debates, Apollo’s oracle at Delphi and the Orthodox monasteries of Meteora and Mistra.

    An on-campus track offers exposure to the literature, history and thought of Greece and Rome, combined with an on-campus survey of the art of these periods. Please consult the program chair for details.

    Requirements for the Minor:

    Students completing the minor receive 4 credits for participation in the Lake Forest Program in Greece and 2 credits from elective courses taken on campus. There is no language requirement for the minor, but for interested students and those with prior classical language study familiarity with either ancient Greek or Latin is encouraged.

    Students pursuing the minor in Classical Studies should apply to participate in the Lake Forest College Program in Greece during their sophomore or junior year. The program takes place every year during (and beyond) the spring semester. The program consists of a six-week on-campus preparatory course, and three courses conducted during travels throughout Greece from mid-March until the end of May.

    Program in Greece On-Campus (prerequisite) course:
    • Greek Civilizations 201: Ancient Greece: Life, Thought, and the Arts


    Program in Greece On-Site component (in Greece):
    • Greek Civilizations 202: Greece in the Bronze Age
    • Greek Civilizations 203: Greece in the Classical-Roman Ages
    • Greek Civilizations 204: Greece in the Byzantine-Medieval Ages


    On-Campus elective courses:
    • In addition to these 4 credits from the Program in Greece component, students obtaining the minor in Classical Studies select 2 additional courses from the following list:
      • Art 210: Ancient Art
      • History 204: Roman History
      • Philosophy 290: Ancient Greek Philosophy
      • Classical Studies 250: Classical Rhetorical Tradition (Cross-listed as Communication 250)
      • Classical Studies 275: Greek Greats
      • Sociology and Anthropology 216: Introduction to Archaeology
      • An appropriate tutorial or research project, approved by the Classical Studies program chair
      • Other, less frequently offered courses may also fulfill the elective requirement. Please consult the program chair to determine which courses are appropriate for this credit.