• Major and Minor in Area Studies

    All concentrations within the Area Studies Major require a minimum of 11 course credits, and some concentrations require more credits. The Minor in Area Studies requires at least six credits.

    Requirements for the Major:

    Because of the wide range of possible concentrations within the major, each student works out an individual study plan in consultation with an Area Studies advisor. The study plan must include examination of the following aspects of the chosen area:

    • history
    • society and economy
    • political life
    • culture

    Where instruction in the language appropriate to the area is offered on campus, proficiency in that language is required.

    Each major is required either to write a senior thesis or to complete an approved program of study abroad in the region of specialization and write a senior studies paper.

    Some Area Studies credits may be independent study (tutorials and research projects, including the senior thesis) or may be language courses at the intermediate level or above (beginning with third-semester college-level courses).

    Study-abroad opportunities include Lake Forest College off-campus programs and programs of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest as well as other approved programs. Students are encouraged to consult with members of the Area Studies Committee regarding appropriate study plans, courses, and off-campus programs.

    Examples of possible Area Studies concentrations:
    • African Studies:  Combines courses in politics, economics, history, literature, sociology and anthropology, and  religion.
    • European Studies:  Combines work in a language (e.g., French, German or Spanish) with courses in history, politics, literature, art, economics, and philosophy.
    • Middle Eastern Studies:  Combines courses in politics, economics, and religion with work in history and sociology and anthropology.
    • Russian and East European Studies:  Combines courses in history, politics, economics, religion, and literature

    Requirements for the Minor:

    An Area Studies minor requires the same range of courses covering a country or region as for the major, minus the thesis and foreign language requirements.

    A minor must include at least six courses on the chosen area of study that deal with

    • history
    • society and economy
    • political life
    • culture

    These six courses, as in the case of the major, may be taken as tutorials or programs of study abroad, but at least one course must be at the 300 level or above. The courses are to be chosen in consultation with members of the Area Studies Committee.