American Studies


American Studies, the oldest interdisciplinary major in American higher education, brings together the history, literature, and political institutions of the United States and the allied fields of art, music, philosophy, religion, sociology, and economics.

  • Davis Schneiderman
    Professor of English, Associate Dean of Faculty, Director of the Center for Chicago Programs

    Areas of Study:  American literature, American studies/Chicago literature and history, Remix/Mash-up culture, William S. Burroughs, innovative and avant literature

  • Donald Meyer
    Professor of Music

    Areas of Study:  music history, music theory, film music, electronic music, music composition.

  • Steven Rosswurm
    Professor of History

    Areas of Study:  American history, Mexican history 

  • Judy Massey Dozier
    Associate Professor of English, Chair of African American Studies

    Areas of Study: African American literature, gender studies, nineteenth-century American literature.

  • Benjamin Goluboff
    Associate Professor 

    Areas of Study: American literature, nineteenth-century literature, literature and the environment

  • Siobhan Moroney
    Associate Professor and Chair of Politics

    Areas of Study:  political theory, American politics

  • Miguel de Baca
    Associate Professor of Art History, Chair of American Studies

    Areas of Study: America, modern, and contemporary art history

  • Clifford Deaton
    Lecturer in Politics

    Areas of Study: compartitive urban politics, urban theory, social and revolutionary movements, globalization and global cities, public art and community development