African American Studies


  • Minor in African American Studies

    No major is currently available.

    The Minor in African American Studies requires 6 credits as described below.

    Required Courses:

    • African American Studies 110: Introduction to African American Studies
    • African American Studies 216: African American Literature I
    • Independent Research Project to be approved by the African American Studies Chair.

    Three Elective Courses:

    Select courses from the following list. One of the three courses must be at the 300-level.

    • African American Studies 312: Black Metropolis: A Study of Black Life in Chicago
    • Communication 380: Black Cinema
    • English 217: African American Literature II
    • English 218: Blues Women in African American Literature
    • English 325: Black Literature of the 60s and its Legacy
    • English 351: Junior Colloquium. Content varies depending on topic. Fulfills minor only when topic emphasizes African American experiences.
    • History 226: American Civil War
    • History 230: African American History
    • History 306: Civil Rights Movement
    • Music 227: History of Jazz
    • Philosophy 258: Spike Lee and Black Aesthetics
    • Philosophy 271: African American Philosophy
    • Politics 217: African Politics
    • Politics 234: Urban Politics
    • Politics 242: Politics of the Third World
    • Politics 328: Topics in American Politics: Race
    • Psychology 205: Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination
    • Sociology and Anthropology 221: Cultures of Modern Africa