Accelerated Admission at Monterey Institute of International Studies

The Graduate School of International Policy and Management (GSIPM) at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (the Institute) is committed to educating and empowering the next generation of public policy professionals who will address the critical global issues of the 21st Century. Lake Forest College has a global focus and educates intelligent, enthusiastic and mature undergraduates who also have as their goal becoming global public policy professionals. Both the Institute and Lake Forest College believe that young policy professionals are best prepared by emphasizing wide knowledge, professional skills, the ability to apply this knowledge and these skills using a second language, as part of a high level of intercultural competence. With these shared interests, both institutions hereby agree that qualified Lake Forest College students may enter Institute programs with accelerated status. According to this understanding, Lake Forest College students admitted to the Institute with accelerated status need complete only 48 credits to earn their Master’s degree, instead of the 60 credits normally required.

Both institutions will jointly develop a process for identifying Lake Forest College students who are qualified to apply for accelerated entry. Key selection criteria for such students include:

  • Academic excellence at Lake Forest College as indicated by overall GPA, GPA in those courses relevant to a specific degree program offered at GSIPM, and other academic work indicating an ability to succeed at the graduate level.
  • Knowledge and expertise relevant to the degree or program the student will pursue at the Institute.
  • Advanced second-language capabilities.
  • Maturity, as indicated by evaluated professional work (e.g., an internship or job), the ability to manage one’s time, and demonstrated commitment to effective international policy study and practice after graduation from the Institute.
  • Motivation to succeed in a rigorous professional education program.
  • Support from faculty and others at Lake Forest, as well as supervisors of professional experience, in the form of a letter(s) emphasizing the above qualities.

Prior to enrollment at GSIPM the selected Lake Forest College students and the GSIPM staff will design a tentative program at GSIPM in which those students are exempted from GSIPM courses previously completed at Lake Forest that which would otherwise be part of the degree curricula at the Institute.  Within the 48 credits they must complete for the degree, Lake Forest College students must meet all graduation requirements for the specific degree they pursue, either by taking these courses at MIIS or at Lake Forest.

GSIPM requires all of its graduates to take 12 units of a second language. It may be possible that selected Lake Forest College students can waive some of this language requirement, based on an entrance exam. They may also choose to enroll in advanced intensive courses at MIIS or Middlebury College in the summer prior to enrollment and transfer these units for their degree requirements. Students may also get language credit at MIIS in conjunction with professional service assignments where they use their second language.

Priority will be given to students in those Programs of Study at Lake Forest which best match the programs offered by GSIPM. The International Relations major is perhaps the most obviously applicable here, but Lake Forest College may recommend students to the GSIPM from Environmental Studies, Economics, Business, Politics, French, Spanish, Asian Studies, Islamic World Studies, or any Lake Forest College major program, including the Independent Scholar major. The Senior Thesis, if applicable, could be a significant part of the selection process.

As part of this agreement, students nominated by Lake Forest College and admitted with Accelerated Entry status to the Institute will receive preferential consideration for Monterey Institute Merit Scholarships. MIIS awards range from $7,000 - $15,000 per academic per year and are renewable for a second year, pending good academic performance. Lake Forest applicants will automatically be considered for the scholarship; there is no separate application required. For maximum consideration, students should apply for admission by March 15 for the following fall semester.

Students admitted with Accelerated Entry status may choose to defer enrollment for up to one year, for the purpose of gaining professional experience related to their MA program at MIIS. These students will have access to the Career Advising Center at MIIS for the purpose of assistance in placement which maximizes their preparation for their MA at MIIS. For this service, MIIS charges a fee of $500 and the student is not required to reapply for Accelerated Entry.

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