Off-Campus Study

Beijing Semester Program

Hosted by Peking University in Beijing, China, the Semester in Beijing program aims to expose students to Chinese language, culture, history, religion, economy, politics and society through a combination of classroom instruction and optional internship.

The program is conducted during the 15-week fall semester, from late August through mid-December, and the 15-week spring semester, from January through early May.  

Students register for a minimum of 15 semester hours each, as follows:

  • a one-credit internship, (4 semester hours) - optional
    Recent students have interned at the American Chamber of Commerce, Economist, Gallup Organization, Edelman, Lockheed Martin, T & D Law Associates, US-China Business Council, not-for-profit agencies, news agencies, and many others.
  • a one-credit language course, Chinese I, II, or III (6 semester hours)
  • elective courses (3 semester hours each) from the sample below:
    • Chinese Political Reforms
    • Modern Chinese History
    • Modern Chinese Literature
    • Chinese Women’s Studies
    • America and China
    • Rural Economics
    • Philosophy and Science in Pre-modern China
    • Doing Business in China
    • Chinese Arts and Culture
    • China in the Global Economy

Students should be at the junior or senior level, demonstrate some Chinese language ability, and have a solid academic background in their major field(s) of study. Students are normally expected to have at least a B average (3.2 GPA). The program is most suitable for those who are seriously interested in Asian Studies, East Asian languages, and international relations. Lake Forest College credit is given upon successful completion of this program.

Most students will live in dorms on campus in double rooms. Language immersion students will live off-campus in either double-room apartments or in home-stays.

Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese Government has awarded Lake Forest College two semesters of a Chinese Government Scholarship. This generous scholarship allows the College to send two students for one semester or one student for an entire year of study at an assigned Chinese university. The scholarship covers costs for tuition, room, and board.  Transportation to and from the site is the responsibility of the student.

Students wishing to apply for this prestigious scholarship must complete and submit all documents for the Lake Forest College Beijing Program application, available on the College web page.  Applicants wishing to be considered for this scholarship should indicate their interest on page two of the application form.  A committee will select the participant(s) from that group of applicants.

Recipient(s) of this scholarship may apply it to an additional semester in China following participation in the Lake Forest College Beijing Program, and priority will be given to such applicants. The committee’s preference is to support two students for one semester each. Therefore, full-year study applicants will be considered only if fewer than two single-semester applications are received.

Students will earn transfer credit for work successfully completed as a Chinese Government Scholar. 

For further information, please contact Professor Shiwei Chen, Chair of the Beijing Program.