Lake Forest-Sponsored Programs

  • Border Studies

    At the end of their spring semester study on campus, Border Studies participants spend three weeks on the U.S.-Mexico border, conducting a service project and learning from integrative field work while living with a family in Mexico.

    Lake Forest College In The Loop Program

    Lake Forest College In The Loop extends curricular choice for students by offering a mix of learning options and internship opportunities. Students reside in downtown Chicago and learn about various distinctive aspects of the city through academic programming and co-curricular activities. This program is offered during both fall and spring semesters.

    Granada Semester

    In Granada, students will study Spanish, enroll in an elective course, work in an internship, and live with Spanish host families. This program is held during the fall semester only.

    Greece Program

    To study the cultures of ancient and contemporary Greece, students begin this interdisciplinary program on campus and then explore the major archaeological sites and modern cities in Greece. There is no foreign language requirement, and students can earn credit in several disciplines. This program only is offered in the spring semester.

    New Zealand Program

    In collaboration with IES, Lake Forest College offers a fall semester program in New Zealand appropriate for students in all disciplines, including the natural sciences.

    Paris Program

    This fall semester program in the City of Light includes class sessions at historic Paris sites, a two-credit internship, intensive language study, and living with a French host family. 


    All Lake Forest and affiliated program options can be found on the Programs We Offer webpage