Mathematics and Computer Science

David S. Yuen

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science


Siegel Modular Forms
Geometry of Numbers
Theta Functions
Computer Science


PhD Mathematics, Princeton University 1988
MS Mathematics, University of Chicago 1985
BA Mathematics, University of Chicago 1985

Courses Taught

Mathematics 110: Calculus 1
Mathematics 111: Calculus 2
Mathematics 210: Multivariable Calculus
Mathematics 231: Linear Algebra
Mathematics 310: Complex Analysis
Mathematics 311: Real Analysis
Mathematics/Computer Science 323: Cryptography
Mathematics 329: Number Theory
Mathematics 330, 331: Modern Algebra I, Modern Algebra 2
Mathematics 340: Geometry
Mathematics/Computer Sciene 375: Combinatorics and Graph Theory
Mathematics 411: Topics in Modern Analysis (Real Analysis 2)
Mathematics 499: Senior Seminar in Mathematics
Computer Science 312: Client-Server Web Applications
Computer Science 489: Advanced Topics in Computer Science


WEB APPLICATIONS (co-written with Craig Knuckles), Wiley, 2005.


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2016 Number Theory Seminar, University of Hawaii, “Modularity in Degree Two”.

2015 Workshop on Computational Aspects of L-functions, ICERM, “Using Katsurada’s determination of the Eisenstein series to compute Siegel eigenforms in degree three”.

2015 Workshop on Curves and Modular Forms of Low Genus: Computational Aspects, ICERM, “Modularity of the Abelian Surface of Conductor 277”.

2014 E^2: North Central Math Circle Series, North Central College, “The Topology of a World”.

2014 International Conference on Explicit Theory of Automorphic Forms, Tongji University, Shanghai, “Paramodular Forms and Borcherds Products”.

2014 Conference on Curves and Automorphic Forms, University of Arizona, “Modularity in Degree Two”.

2013 Number Theory Seminar, Northwestern University, “Modularity in Genus Two”.

2013 Workshop on Automorphic Forms, University College of Dublin, “Cusp Structure of the Paramodular Group”.

2012 1st EU-US Conference on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics,  Aachen University, “The Utility of Computations” and “The Satake Compactification of the Paramodular Group”.

2011 Conference on Modular Forms, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, “Paramodular Cusp Forms”.

2010 Workshop on Siegel Modular Forms, Max Planck Institute fur Mathematiks.

2009 Number Theory Seminar, Bristol University, “Paramodularity”.

2009 Conference on Mock Theta Functions, Max Planck Institute fur Mathematiks, “Binary Invariants and the Hyperelliptic Superstring Ansatz”.

2009 Workshop on Automorphic Forms, Bucknell University.

2009 Elmhurst College Math Colloquium, “Public Key Cryptography”.

2008 Workshop on Automorphic Forms, Texas A&M.

2008 Special Speaker at 25th Mathcounts Regional Competition, Parkside, WI. “Public Key Cryptography”

2007 Bucknell University Math Colloquium, “Extreme Lattices”.

2007 Workshop on Automorphic Forms, Santa Barbara, “Paramodular Forms”

2006 Workshop on Automorphic Forms, Boulder, “Characterization of Fourier Series of Siegel Modular Forms” (with Cris Poor).

2005 Reed College Mathematics Colloquium, “Extreme Lattices”.

2005 Workshop on Automorphic Forms, Denton, “Identities among Second Order Theta Constants” (with Cris Poor).

2004 Workshop on Automorphic Forms, Santa Barbara, “The Extreme Core for Siegel Modular Forms” (with Cris Poor).

2004 Conference on Modular Forms, Hamana Lake, Japan, “The Extreme Core”.

2003 Workshop on Automorphic Forms, Boulder, “Degree 4 Siegel Modular forms” (with Cris Poor).

2002 Conference on Modular Forms, Oberwolfach Institute, Germany, “Dimensions of spaces of Siegel modular forms”.

2002 Workshop on Automorphic Forms, UCLA, “Computation of Siegel Modular Forms” (with Cris Poor).

2001 Workshop on Automorphic Forms, Palo Alto, “Slopes of Integral Lattices” (with Cris Poor).

2000 Lake Forest College Mathematics Colloquium, “Fermat’s Last Theorem via Modular Forms”.

1999 Small College Computing Symposium, LaCrosse, WI, “Introduction to Object Oriented Programming via Robot Gladiators”

Awards and Honors

2012 Lake Forest College Trustee Award for Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership

National Science Foundation graduate fellowship, 1985-1988

Princeton First Year Prize, 1985-1986

Ninth place on the 1983 Putnam Mathematical Examination

Sixth place on the 1984 Putnam Mathematica Examination

Phi Beta Kappa, 1985, University of Chicago.

Member of the 1981 USA team for the International Mathematics Olympiad (the USA team placed 1st that year).