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Economics, Business, and Finance

Hal Sider

Lecturer in Economics


Applied Microeconomics
Industrial Organization
Financial Markets/Exchanges


PhD Economics, University of Wisconsin 
MA Economics, University of Wisconsin 
BA Economics (James Scholar), University of Illinois 

Courses Taught

Econ 110: Principles of Economics

Professional Experience

Compass Lexecon, Executive Vice President (2013current); Senior Vice President (1999 2013); Vice President (19901999); Economist (19851990) 

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Washington, DC, Co-Director of Project on Minority Income Trends (August 1984October 1985)

Office of Policy:  U.S. Department of Labor, Washington DC, Economist (May 1982August 1984)

President’s Task Force on Food Assistance, Research Associate (September 1983February 1984)

Office of Research and Evaluation; Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, DC, Economist (September 1980May 1982)


“Net Neutrality and Consumer Welfare,” Journal of Competition Law and Economics, with Gary Becker and Dennis Carlton, 2010.

“Regulation, Antitrust and Trinko,”in The Antitrust Revolution:  Economics, Competition and Policy, J. Kwoka and L. White, eds., with Dennis Carlton, 2009.

“The Telecom Boom and Bust,” Milken Institute Review, with Allan Shampine, October 2007.

“Have Mergers of Large Local Exchange Carriers Led to Discrimination Against Rivals?  An Empirical Investigation,” in Econometrics:  Legal, Practical and Technical Issues, American Bar Association Section on Antitrust Law (2005), with Dennis Carlton and Tom Stemwedel, July 2002.

“Recent Developments in U.S. Antitrust Enforcement,” The United States Antitrust Review, with Gustavo Bamberger, October 1999.

“Market Power and Vertical Restraints in Retailing:  An Analysis of FTC v. Toys ‘R’ Us,” in The Role of the Academic Economist in Litigation Support, edited by Daniel Slottje, with Dennis Carlton, 1999.

“The Competitive Effects of Line-of-Business Restrictions in Telecommunications,” Managerial and Decision Economics, with Kenneth Arrow and Dennis Carlton, 1995.  (Reprinted in R. Higgins and P. Rubin, ends., Deregulating Telecommunications:  The Baby Bells’ Case for Deregulation, Wiley Series in Managerial Economics, 1995).

“Applications of Economic Theory and Econometric Methods to Merger Review in the United States,” (paper presented to European Commission Merger Task Force), with A. Rosenfield and  W. Bishop, 1992.

“Unemployment Incidence and Duration: 1968-1982,” American Economic Review, June 1985.

“The Pay Gap and Occupational Segregation: Implications for Comparable Worth,” Proceedings of the Industrial Relations Research Association, with June O’Neill, 1985.

“Work-Related Accidents and the Production Process,” Journal of Human Resources, Winter 1985.

“Labor Force Participation and the Relative Earnings of Black and White Males: 1940-80,” with Andy Sparks, (paper presented at the World Congress of the Econometric Society, 1985).

“Comment on McIntyre:  Estimating Long-Term Labor Market Flows from CPS Data,” Proceedings: Conference on Applications of Gross Flow Data, U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1985.

“The Changing Makeup of the Military and the Effect on Labor Force Data,” Monthly Labor Review, with Cheryl Cole, July 1984.

“Accuracy of Response in Labor Market Surveys: Evidence and Implications,” Journal of Labor Economics, with Wesley Mellow, October 1983.

“Safety and Productivity in Underground Coal Mining,” Review of Economics and Statistics, May 1983.

“Economic Incentives and Safety Regulation,” American Economist, Summer 1983.

“Consumers and Product Safety:  Market Processes and Imperfections,” Policy Studies Journal, with Eugene Smolensky, February 1983.


The Economic Progress of Black Men in America, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (1986).

Economic Status of Americans of Eastern and Southern European Ancestry, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (1986).

Report of the President’s Task Force on Food Assistance, Curran Press, Alexandria, Virginia (1984).


University-Industry Dissertation Fellowship, University of Wisconsin, 197980.

Referee for:
Journal of Human Resources
Journal of Industrial Economics
Journal of Labor Economics
Journal of Law and Economics
Journal of Legal Studies
National Commission on Employment Policy
National Science Foundation
Policy Studies Journal
Review of Economics and Statistics
Social Science Research Council
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Antitrust Law Journal