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Ilan Shrira

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology


Social Psychology
Cultural disparities in mortality and health


PhD University of Georgia
MS University of Georgia
BA University of California, San Diego

Courses Taught

Psychology 221/222: Research Methods and Statistics I & II
Psychology 110L: Introduction to Psychology Laboratory

Recent Publications

Shrira, I., & Noguchi, K. (2016). Traffic fatalities of people visiting urban and rural areas: An exploratory study. Transportation Research: Psychology and Behaviour, 41, 74-79.

Wisman, A., & Shrira, I. (2015). The smell of death: Evidence that putrescine elicits threat management mechanisms. Frontiers in Psychology, 6:1274.

Noguchi, K., Kamada, A., & Shrira, I. (2014). Cultural differences in the primacy effect for person perception. International Journal of Psychology, 49, 208-210.

Shrira, I., Wisman, A., & Webster, G. (2013). Guns, germs, and stealing: Exploring the link between infectious disease and crime. Evolutionary Psychology, 11, 270-287.

Recent Media Coverage

Interviewed on Sirius radio, The Matt Townsend Show, 2/18/2016.

NPR interview on Science Friday on my olfactory research, 10/30/2015.

Coverage of research on mate poaching in relationships.

Washington Post, Live Q & A, Panel expert.

NPR interview on the Patt Morrison show.