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Margot Schwalbe

Margot Schwalbe

Assistant Professor of Biology


Animal Physiology
Animal Behavior
Sensory Biology

Research Interests

Unique sensory adaptations, especially in fishes
Neurophysiology and animal behavior
Predator-prey interactions
Animal locomotion and biomechanics


Postdoctoral Fellow, Tufts University
PhD, Biological Sciences, University of Rhode Island, 2013
MS, Biology, University of Minnesota Duluth, 2008
BS, Biology, University of Minnesota Duluth, 2004

Courses Taught

Biol 120 – Organismal Biology

Biol 340 – Animal Physiology

Biol 478 – Animal Survival in Extreme Habitats


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Mekdara, P, Schwalbe, MAB, Coughlin, LL & Tytell, ED. 2018. The effects of lateral line ablation and regeneration in schooling giant danios. Journal of Experimental Biology, jeb.175166, doi: 10.1242/jeb.175166

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