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Jacquelynn S. Popp

Jacquelynn Popp

Assistant Professor of Education


Elementary Education
K-12 Literacy


PhD Learning Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago
BA Psychology and Education, University of St. Thomas

Courses Taught

Education 210: Observing the Schooling Process
Education 215: Instructional Communication Theory and Practice
Education 303: Elementary Fieldwork and Seminar
Education 304: Teaching in the Elementary School
Education 416: Elem. and Middle School Literacy and Social Studies
Education 417: Elementary and Middle School Math and Science
Education 418: Elementary Student Teaching and Seminar


Popp, J.S. (2018). Teachers’ text selections and explanations about text selection and use in history/social studies. Literacy Research: Theory, Methods, and Practice, 67, 179-295.  https://journals.sagepub.com/eprint/DMQAPHaYHfJHsKvHVysi/full

Popp, J.S. & Hoard, J. (2018). Supporting elementary students’ sourcing of historical texts. The Reading Teacher, 72, 301-311. https://ila.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/trtr.1715

Popp, J.S. & Goldman, S.R. (2016) Knowledge building in teacher professional learning communities: Focus of meeting matters.  Teaching and Teacher Education, 59, 347-359.

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