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Economics, Business, and Finance

Dimitra Papadovasilaki

Assistant Professor of Finance


Behavioral and Experimental Finance 
Decision Making
Financial Crises
Applied Macroeconomics
Time Series Analysis

Research Interests

Investment Decision Making, Retirement Decision Making, Credit Booms, Financial Crises, Experimental Finance, Financial Literacy, Behavioral Economics, Economic Development, Agent Based Economics, Rule Governance, Minskian Economics


PhD Economics, University of Nevada, Reno
Postgraduate Certificate in Information Management, City University,
MBA Finance, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece
BS International and European Economic Sciences,
     University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

Courses Taught

FIN 320 Investments
FIN 365 Fundamental Equity Analysis
Principles of Macroeconomics
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Money and Banking
Principles of Statistics
Economic Development
Principles of Microeconomics

Academic Experience

Boise State University, 20162017
University of Nevada, Reno, 20132016


Papadovasilaki Dimitra, Guerrero Federico, Sundali James (2018), “The Effect of Early and Salient Experiences on Subsequent Investment Behavior: An Experimental Study,” The Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance.

Papadovasilaki Dimitra, Guerrero Federico, Sundali James, and Stone Gregory (2015), “How Important Are Early Investment Experiences on Subsequent Investment Decisions? A Laboratory Experiment on Asset Allocation,” Managerial Finance, Vol. 41, Issue: 6, pp: 582-590.

Papadovasilaki Dimitra (2015). James Heckman. In Morris Altman, editor, Real World Decision Making: An Encyclopedia of Behavioral Economics. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO Praeger.

Wuthisatian Rattaphon, Papadovasilaki Dimitra, Bhraman Gulati, Guerrero Federico (2014), “The Stock Market Boom and Crash of 1926-1933: An Applied Time Series Investigation,” American Journal of Economics, Vol. 4, Issue: 2A, pp: 7-26

Papadovasilaki Dimitra, Parker Elliott, and Pingle Mark (2014), “Improving Student Financial Knowledge: A Pilot Study,” Perspectives on Economic Education Research, Vol. 9, Issue: 2, pp: 93-107

Working Papers

Papadovasilaki Dimitra, Gulati Bharman, Wuthisatian Rattaphon, Guerrero Federico (2016), “Revisiting the Stock Market Boom and Crash of 1927-1933.”

Salaghe Florina, Guerrero Federico, Sundali James, Papadovasilaki Dimitra, “On the Time-inconsistency of Retirement Saving: Results from Five Pilot Studies in the Laboratory.”

Papadovasilaki Dimitra, Guerrero Federico, “Credit Booms Gone Bust. A Time Series Reassessment of Schularick and Taylor.”

Papadovasilaki Dimitra, Bhraman Gulati, Wuthisatian Rattaphon, Guerrero Federico, “The Influences of Life Changing Salient Events on Current Economic Decision Making: Comparative Evidence from Germany and Switzerland.”

Invited Presentations

“The Impact of Rule Governance on Asset Allocation Behavior After Salient Investment Experiences,”Students Economic Association-Boise State University, Boise, April 2017
GradFit Workshop, University of Nevada, Reno, May 2016