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Lake Forest Faculty

Lake Forest College faculty are teachers and mentors who are singularly focused on their students’ success. As experts in their field, faculty regularly publish books and articles and conduct research with students. And they use Chicago as a living classroom.

  • “Heaven’’s Gate”
    Associate Professor of Religion Ben Zeller is interviewed extensively in the 10-episode podcast.
  • Subito Press
    Associate Dean of the Faculty and Director of the Center for Chicago Programs Davis Schneiderman was listed as a finalist in Subito Press’ 2017 Prose Book Contest for There is No Appropriate #emoji.
  • Argentine Cinema
    Argentine Cinema: From Noir to Neo-Noir is the first collaboration by self-proclaimed cinephiles Spanish professor Gizella Meneses and emeritus professor of Spanish and Portuguese David George.
  • YesCollege Podcast
    Professor of Economics and Business Robert Lemke joined the YesCollege Podcast for a discussion on economics degree programs and career paths.
  • A.B. Dick Professor of Economics and Business Robert Baade
    Ernest A. Johnston Professor of Economics Robert Baade’s take on a proposed stadium in Nashville was covered by the USA Today Network, the Houston Chronicle, and WRCB Chattanooga.
  • Heaven's Gate
    Associate Professor of Religion Ben Zeller was interviewed about his work on the Heaven’s Gate cult for a segment on the CNN show “How It Really Happened.” A new podcast is based on his book.
  • Argentine Cinema book cover
    Emeritus Professor of Spanish and Portuguese David George and Associate Professor of Spanish Gizella Meneses will publish their book, Argentine Cinema: From Noir to Neo-Noir, in December 2017.
  • Ruth Ozeki
    Author Ruth Ozeki will talk about her book, A Tale for the Time Being, in conversation with Associated Dean of the Faculty and Professor of English Davis Schneiderman at 7 p.m. on October 26 in Calvin Durand Hall.
  • “Heaven’'s Gate”
    Associate Professor of Religion Ben Zeller serves as an expert consultant in an ongoing 10-part podcast about Heaven’s Gate, the religious group that spurred the mass suicide of 39 members in 1997.
  • Landscapes of Hope
    Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Brian McCammack’s work about the environmental history of Chicago’s black community was recently published by Harvard University Press.