Laura Grandau

Assistant Professor of Education


Teacher Learning, Mathematics Education, Equity and Diversity,
Educational Policy Studies


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin – Madison, Madison, WI;
Curriculum and Instruction
M.A. with honors, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, 1996;         Education/Educational Psychology
B.A. University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, 1991; Anthropology/Linguistics


Grandau, L., Landis, M., & Ryan, K.  (2007). On location: Using school classrooms as sites for preparing teachers of mathematics.  Phi Delta Kappan.

McNeil, N. M., Grandau, L., Knuth, E. J., Alibali, M. W., Stephens, A. C., Hattikudur, S., & Krill, D. E. (2006). Middle-school students’ understanding of the equal sign:  The books they read can’t help.  Cognition and Instruction, 24 (3), 367-385.

Grandau, L. & Stephens, A. C.(2006). Algebraic thinking and geometry.  Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, Reston, VA, 11 (7), 344-349.

Research Grants and Awards

Diversity in Mathematics Education/Center on Learning and Teaching: Fellowship 2002-2003 University of Wisconsin – Madison, Wisconsin Center for Education Research, School of Education

Tashia F. Morgridge Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship 2007-2008 University of Wisconsin – Madison, School of Education