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Bailey Donnally

Professor of Physics, Emeritus 


PhD Physics, University of Minnesota, 1961
MS Physics, Auburn University, 1952
BS Engineering Physics, Auburn University, 1951

Research Topics

Measurement of lifetime of metastable negative ions
Development of high sensitivity mass spectrometer
Development of polarized proton source for University of Minnesota proton                     linear accelerator
Measurement of polarization in nuclear scattering of protons
Production of metastable hydrogen atoms by charge exchange
Polarized proton, deuteron and electron sources
Study of ionizing atom-atom collisions
Study of atom-surface interactions
X-ray studies of 1-, 2-, and 3-electron heavy ions
Studies of electron ejection from metastable species of simple, highly stripped heavy     ions
Production of negative ions by multiple charge exchange
Studies of positron-surface interactions
Tests of quantum electrodynamics

Selected Publications

“Metastable States of highly Excited Heavy Ions” (with DJ. Pegg, IA. Sellin, and W.W. Smith) Atomic Physics , Stephen Smith and O.K. Walters, Editors, (Plenum Press, New York, 1973) .

“Beam Fractions in the Lowest-Quartet Metastable Autoionizing State for 0 5 + and F 6 + Beams after Passage through foils” (with W.W. Smith, DJ. Pegg, Matt Brown, and I.A. Sellin) Phys. Rev. A 7, 487 (1973)

“Lifetime of the Metastable Auto-ionizing (ls2s2p)4 P5,,2 States of Lithiumlike F 0+ Ions” (with W.W. Smith, D.J. Pegg, Matt Brown, and I.A. Sellin), Phys. Rev. A 4, 122 (1971).

“Spectra of Autoionization Electrons Emitted by Fast, Metastable Beams of Highly Stripped Oxygen and Flourine Ions” with I.A. Sellin, D.J. Pegg, Matt Brown, W.W. Smith), Phys Rev. Letters 27, 1108 (1971).

“Collisional Excitation of Metastable Autoionizing States of Lithiumlike Ions in Fast Beams - Spectra and Yields” (with W.W. Smith, I.A. Sellin, M. Brown, and D. Pegg), Seventh International Conference on the Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions July, 1971 (North Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam, 1971).

“The Fraction of Hydrogen Atoms in the 2S Stale Produced by charge Exchange Between Protons and Cesium Vapor” (with J.E. O’Dell) Seventh International Conference on the Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions, July, 1971. (North Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam, 1971.

“Lamb Shift Sources,” Proc. Symp. on Polarization Phenomena in Nuclear Reactions 3rd. (University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, 1970).

“Mean Life of the Metastable 2 p. State of the Two-Electron Oxygen Ion (with I.A. Sellin, M. Brown, and W.W. Smith) Phys. Rev. 20, 1189 (1970).

“Experimental Transition Probabilities for Triplet-Singlet Transitions in Helium-Like Heavy Ions” (with I.A. Sellin and C.Y. Fan), Phys. Rev. 21, 717 (1968).

“Progress in Producing Metastable States of One-Electron Heavy Ions” (with I.A. Sellin) Beam Foil Spectroscopy, S. Bashkin, Editor (Gordon and Breach, Science Publishers, New York, 1968).

“Spin Polarization of Electrons Ejected in Collisional Ionization of Fast Polarized Metastable Deuterium Atoms” (with W. Raith and R. Becker), Phys Rev. 20, 575 (1968).

“Negative Helium Ions from Metastable Helium Atoms” (with George Thoeming) Phys Rev.152,  87 (1967).

“On the Possibility of Producing Polarized Electrons from Polarized Metastable Deuterium Atoms” Fifth International Conference on the Physics on Electronic and Atomic Collisions, Leningrad, July, 1967 (Nauka, Leningrad, 1967).

“Production of Negative Helium Ions by Nearly Resonant Charge Exchange in Potassium” (with R. Ennis, G. Thoeming, D. Schechter and D. Schlafke), IEEE Trans. Nuclear Science NS-14 75 (1967).

“Production of if from H (2S)” (with William Sawyer), Proc. of the International Conference on Polarization Phenomena of Nucleons, Karlsruhe, 1965 (Birkhauser Verlag, Basel and Stuttgart, 1966).

“Proposal for a Source of Polarized Negative Hydrogen Ions” (with William Sawyer), Phys. Rev. Let 15, 439 (1965).

“Metastable Hydrogen Atoms Produced in Charge Exchange (with T. Clapp, W. Sawyer and M. Schultz). Phy Rev. Let. 12, 502 (1964).

“Some Experiments on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance” (with Enrique Bemal), Am. J. Phys. 31, 770 (1963).

“Coincidence Circuit,” Am. 1. Phys. 31, 133 (1963).

“Apparatus Notes” (with H. Jensen and t. Jeong), Am. J. Phys.  32 xv (October 1964); Am. J. Phys. 32 xv (April, 1964).

“Simple Marginal Oscillator” (with T. M. Sanders), Rev. Sci. Inst. 31, 977 (1960).

“Metastable Negative Ions” (with H. Carr), Phys. Rev. 93,111 (1954).


Process for producing negative hydrogen ions from protons, Serial No. 452,781.
Process for producing negative hydrogen ions, Serial No. 554,720.
Process for producing negative helium ions, Serial No. 547,800.

Offices, Honors, and Activities 

  • Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society
  • Fellow of the Photographic Society of America
  • Chairman of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest Board of Deans
  • President of American Association of Physics Teachers, 1971
  • Recipient of “Distinguished Service Citation” of American Association of Physics Teachers
  • Member, American Institute of Physics Governing Board
  • Member, Commission on College physics
  • Member, Council of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Member, Advisory Committee of Research Corporation, 1972 -1978
  • Honorary member, Southern Association of Science and Industry
  • Participant, White House Conference on Budget Priorities in Physics, 1972
  • Davisson-Germer Award Committee of the American Physical Society 1973, chairman 1975
  • National Science Foundation Atomic, Molecular and Plasma Physics Program review committee. Chairman, 1978
  • Thomas Alva Edison Foundation Lecturer
  • Advisory Committee for Fourth Conference on the Use of Small Accelerators, 1976
  • Council on Undergraduate Research, Physics Councilor
  • Visiting Committee for Education Division of Argonne National Laboratory
  • Physical Sciences Advisory Committee, Auburn University
  • Visiting Committee for Physics Department, Purdue University
  • Middlebury Conference on Teaching of Physics in Liberal Arts Colleges, 1964, Leader
  • Resource Person, Research Corporation Conference for New Department Chairmen, 1971
  • Chairman of AAPTCommittee on Apparatus for Educational Institutions for three years (1966 - 1968)
  • Chairman of AAPT Committee on Special Lectures, 1966


Awarded numerous grants for research and educational projects by National Science Foundation, Research Corporation, General Electric Foundation, Atomic Energy Commission, Department of Energy, and Shell Foundation.

Professional Organizations and Honors Fraternities 

Phi Beta Kappa (Honorary Member)
American Association for the Advancement of the Humanitie s
American Conference of Academic Deans
American Physical Society
American Association of Physics Teachers
American Association for the Advancement of Scienc e
Kappa Phi Kappa (Education)
Sigma Xi (Research)
Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics)
Pi Mu Epsilon (Math)
Tau Beta Pi (Engineering)
Phi Kappa Phi (General Scholarship )