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Withdrawal from a Course

Within the first 2 weeks of a 15-week course, a course withdrawal is regarded simply as a permissible change of registration (a “drop”). What happens if you need to withdraw from a course after that?

Withdrawal with an automatic “W” or a “WF”

In a 15-week course, the last day for approved withdrawal from a course with an “automatic W”:

will be the last day of the ninth week of classes (unless a Medical Withdrawal has been authorized—see below).  See the Academic Calendar for dates each academic year. This means that the student’s transcript will show that the student withdrew from the course in good standing.

After the end of the ninth week in a 15-week course withdrawal results in either a “W” or a “WF”:

depending upon the instructor’s evaluation of the student’s progress in the course in question at the time of the withdrawal. A student may not withdraw from a course after the last day of classes (that is, during the reading or examination periods or thereafter).  

A student may be administratively withdrawn from a course by the Dean of Students for not fulfilling his or her academic obligations (e.g., not attending classes or completing academic work) and ignoring all institutional efforts toward resolution. A student who is withdrawn by the Dean of Students for this reason will receive a “WA” on the transcript for that course. WA indicates that the student was involuntarily
withdrawn from the course(s) due to abandonment of academic responsibilities.
Before an Administrative Withdrawal is mandated in either situation, the Dean of Students or
designee will encourage the student to take a voluntary withdrawal from the course(s).

Medical Withdrawal from Courses

Students who believe that medical circumstances make it necessary for them to withdraw from a course after the first two weeks of the semester may apply in writing to the Dean of Students for a Medical Withdrawal. An application must be accompanied by a signed statement from the student’s attending health care professional. This procedure assumes that the student wishes to remain enrolled in school. (For information regarding medical withdrawal from the College, refer to the section “Withdrawal from and Readmission to the College.”) After the application has been made, the Dean of Students will review the case and determine whether the student may receive a grade of MW for the course instead of W or WF. A medical withdrawal may result in the need for the student to take an overload or summer school courses in order to graduate on schedule. The financial consequences of medical withdrawals from courses are the same as those for standard withdrawals from courses. (See “Refunds”.)

Reduction of Load to Fewer than 3 Courses

Full-time students will not normally be permitted to reduce their course load to fewer than 3 course credits in any semester. A reduction in course load may affect their eligibility for financial aid and their participation in organized sports. Resident students must seek
permission from the Dean of Students to remain in student housing when reducing their load to part-time.


An exception to the usual policies concerning course withdrawals may occur when a student has been brought before the Academic Honesty Judicial Board. If a student is charged with violating the academic policy, he or she is permitted to withdraw from the course in question, through the last day of class. If the Board determines that a violation has occurred in that course, any penalty imposed will take precedence over the course withdrawal.

• When the penalty for violation of academic policy in a course is failure of the project, assignment, or paper, the faculty member will record the zero in determining a final course grade.

• A student withdrawing from a course with a passing course grade (as determined by the faculty member) will earn a W, while a student withdrawing from a course with a failing course grade will earn an F, regardless of when in the semester the withdrawal may have taken place.

• When a student is penalized with failure of the course, the recorded grade will be F, rather than WF, regardless of when in the semester the withdrawal may have taken place.

Refunds or Withdrawal from Courses

Any combination of courses ranging from 3 to 4.5 credits is regarded as a full load and regular full-time tuition applies. There are no refunds for course load changes within this range of credits. Students registering for fewer than 3 credits per term with the permission of the Dean of Students will be charged at a per-course rate. (See the “Refund Policy” for more detail.)