Declaring a Major or Minor

  • Self-Designed Major Program

    Some of our strongest students find that no one traditional major fully meets what they want to study. A student interested in psychoneuroimmunology could major in psychology and biology but still might find his needs aren’t entirely met with those two departments alone.

    Working with a faculty advisor, students accepted into the Self-Designed Major program can develop their own major, culminating in a thesis or creative project. This major is compatible with the pursuit of a second major as well.

    The Self-Designed Major emphasizes self-determination for its students. The responsibility for initiative lies with students, beginning with presentation of their case for admission to the program. Second-semester sophomores or first-semester juniors with a high GPA are invited to apply and submit a detailed presentation of their proposal. The Self-Designed Major program takes place during the junior and senior years. Admission is determined by the Self-Designed Major Program Committee.