College Catalog


  • Merit-Based Scholarships

    We offer merit-based scholarships recognizing academic achievement, talent, and community engagement. Most scholarships are awarded at the time of admission, and any additional applications must be submitted prior to application decisions being mailed.

    Presidential Scholarship

    An award of up to $12,000 per year is based on the application for admission, curriculum, transcript, interview, recommendations, and standardized test scores.

    Forester Scholarships

    Forester Scholarships range up to $8,000 per year and recognize a dedication to academics, the arts, sciences, and community. 

    Chicago Public School Scholarship

    Up to 20 highly-qualified graduates of Chicago Public Schools will be offered half-tuition merit-based scholarships, in addition to available financial aid.

    Alumni City Scholarship

    Action-oriented students from Boston, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Phoenix, San Francisco, and St. Louis are eligible for a $10,000 award based on the overall strength of their academic program and evidence of an entrepreneurial spirit.

    American Democracy Scholarship

    Students with an interest in American history, law, politics, or other related fields are eligible for a $5,000 per year award, thanks to a generous donation to the College.

    Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

    Transfer students who are members of the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society may receive a $15,000 scholarship.

    College of Lake County Scholarships

    In recognition of our educational partnership with the College of Lake County, the College is pleased to offer two full-tuition scholarships to CLC Honors Scholars Program participants each year. The College also provides a guaranteed scholarship award for students in the 2-2 Science Scholar Program in addition to either the PTK Scholarship or Presidential Scholarship.

    Davis United World College Scholarship

    Davis United World College Scholarships are available to qualified UWC students. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic achievement and financial need.

    Filing the FAFSA allows us to consider students for need-based grants, loans, and work study. It should be noted, scholarship recipients may not receive funds from the College which exceed tuition.