What Others Say about Lake Forest

According to the National Survey of Student Engagement, Lake Forest is among the top 10% of 751 participating colleges where students report a high level of academic challenge, student-faculty interaction, and a supportive campus environment. 

Here’s what else our students have to say:

“The more I read up on Lake Forest, the more I realized it had all the criteria I was looking for: small, low-professor-to-student ratio, beautiful campus, great location, strong academics, and a well-balanced student body. It was the perfect choice for me.

-Cleo Hehn 13
Portland, Oregon

I fondly remember the unique relationships with my professors. They really got involved with my ‘personal’ life and were not afraid to give me advice whenever I needed it. I met a few people that showed me what real friendship is all about. Also, the different experiences and expectations from the different areas of study offered at the school made me grow up intellectually and as a leader.”

-Anonymous response to the question, “What will you most fondly remember after you leave Lake Forest College?” on the All-Campus Student Survey, 2011

“My experience at the College has been great and I am looking forward to the coming years! Lake Forest College has brought many new experiences for me, as well as everyone else, and I am very happy here. My classes are great and I feel that I am being well prepared for my teaching career. The College is just overall GREAT!!!”

-Alejandra Mata, 15

“Lake Forest College is literally the most perfect place for me in terms of location in that it’s close to a big city, but not right in the middle of a city.”

-Jody Buck 13
Seattle, Washington

“Lake Forest College has helped me to mature in ways that would not have been likely, had I gone to a larger university. The connections I have forged with the amazing professors and the opportunities I’ve had here have put me at an advantage for my future plans of graduate school.”

-David Curie 13
Barrington, Illinois

“This school has been a great fit for me, due to the small class sizes. The smaller class size allows students to communicate with professors better.  It is also better at the personal level.  I get a lot more out of each class this way, as opposed to having 300 students in a lecture hall.” 

-Thadd Mikaelian 15



“I wanted to let you know that Lake Forest was the “perfect fit” for Peter for college. He spent a semester in Spain, was challenged academically and made some lasting friendships. Jean and I always said when Peter called home that he was either in the library or on his way to the library. Many thanks to all the college administrators and professors at Lake Forest for giving him this wonderful experience.”

-Robert Lyford, parent of a 2012 graduate

“Our daughter transferred to Lake Forest College from a Big 10 school. We felt the difference between the two schools on our first visit to Lake Forest. The staff was friendly, welcoming and very helpful. My daughter has wonderful relationships with many of her teachers, her advisor, and softball coach and is thoroughly enjoying her experience at LFC.”

-Maureen Logue, parent of a current student

 “Lake Forest College gave our son the exposure to and the understanding of a larger world; a variety of academic and social opportunities with sufficient structure but with equal freedom to pursue his own interests and aptitudes; and furthered his ability to think critically and analytically for himself. The time and education at Lake Forest prepared him and has served him well.”

-Jim and Nancy Smith, parents of 2009 graduate

Mandi is having a great sophomore year, and continues to get involved in positive groups, like Tri Delta, Athletic Council, and co-captain of the volleyball team.  She is also preparing for her first actuary test.  We are so proud of her!  LFC has been a positive experience for her and has encouraged her to use her strengths to accomplish good things.

-Barbara Mulliner, parent of a 2011 graduate


Employers and Internship Supervisors

“I have hosted at least 25 Lake Forest College interns. The interns have an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in the workplace and to get work experience.

-Peter DuBois, Vice President, Morgan Stanley

“The City of Lake Forest has worked with over 16 interns from the Lake Forest College and has enjoyed customizing internship programs to strengthen student resumes.  Our interns have worked on marketing campaigns, social media promotion, creating a new City of Lake Forest Farmers Market, producing business videos for You Tube, enhancing communication programs and developing a new business retention program with Fortune 500 companies.”

-Susan Kelsey, City of Lake Forest