Virtual Campus Tour

Situated just next to Lake Michigan and spanning 107 acres, the Lake Forest College Campus is a lush, beautiful landscape that gives students the perfect environment to not only learn but to live. Whether it’s a game of pool or a stroll along the beach, Lake Forest has the perfect place for everyone. 

“Once I thought that Lake Forest was the most glamorous place in the world. Maybe it was.” So writes F. Scott Fitzgerald in a 1940 letter to his daughter. Once you have seen the beauty and elegance of Lake Forest, you’ll understand why Fitzgerald found it to be such an enchanting place. 

The Lake Forest College campus is divided into three major areas: north, middle, and south campus. Each campus has its own distinct personality and each offers something unique to students. 

Probably the most peaceful area, north campus consists of only a few residence halls (housing mostly upperclassmen) and one academic building. Middle campus houses most of the college’s academic buildings as well as administrative offices, library, and student center. South campus is primarily devoted to student life, housing the majority of students in the 5 residence halls located next to the newly renovated sports center. 

This tour is designed to give you and idea of what’s where on campus.  Click on the “Locate” link at the top of each page to bring up a map showing you exactly where each area is located.  To get a more detailed view of Lake Forest College life, check out the campus gallery