Green Groups

1. Slow Food Club

Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization which links the pleasure of good food with a commitment to community and to the environment.

The students at Lake Forest have started a Slow Food Club on campus in response to the campus garden and the Biodiversity and Agriculture class. Connecting to this movement’s mission, they have established the aim to educate campus about delicious, local, sustainable foods. The first event they held for the campus was a Beer Tasting event which highlighted craft beers from local breweries and food pairings for each different type of beer.


The League for Environmental Awareness and Protection is a vibrant organization at Lake Forest. Their primary accomplishments revolve around building and maintaining sustainable practices on campus.

3. Campus Sustainability Committee

The CSC is an elected committee composed of Faculty, Staff, and Students. The Committee aims to make informed decisions for a sustainable future of the college.

CSC is currently working on a survey of campus recycling, campus landscaping, and carbon footprint calculation. Learn more about the committee here.