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Though the process and procedures for reporting, investigating, and hearing cases involving alleged violations of the sexual misconduct policy are included in the overall policy and procedures document, it is a lot of information. We hope that these visual diagrams will help to clarify the process and answer questions that you might have.

1. Reporting.

If you or someone you know may have been the victim of any form of sexual misconduct, you are urged to seek immediate assistance. To learn more about reporting, including options for completely confidential reporting as well as options for reporting to campus officials, check out the flow chart here.

2. Process after report is filed.

Lake Forest College takes all complaints of sexual misconduct very seriously. As such, we will investigate all reports and attempt to resolve all cases in a timely manner. You can see how this process takes place by clicking here.

3. Options for resolution of complaint.

There are several options for resolving complaints of sexual misconduct including: formal resolution, informal resolution, or the College may take no action, depending on the circumstances. While each of these options is outlined in the sexual misconduct policies and procedures document, this flow chart shows a visual representation of the options available.